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Tired of your cravings taking you off track?
Let's annihilate them!

It's time to break up with your sugar habit. 
Sugar is depleting your energy, causing inflammation, bloating and weight gain. Even if you don't think you're eating a lot of sugar ... it's sneaking into your diet. 

Learn how by joining the FREE 5-Day Challenge
Starts Monday


Annihilate sugar 5 day challenge gave me

1. increased food options

2. awareness of hidden sugars

3. more energy

4. better digestion 

5. less inflammation and bloating


This challenge teaches you to eliminate or decrease sugar intake that the entire family can enjoy. It's more than fruits and veggies; it's also cookies, brownies and popsicles.

— Lisa G


This meal plan is designed to help you step off the sugar train without feeling deprived.  Including Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Snacks and Dessert.  Yes! I said dessert.  

I'll also send you a shopping list for all five days.  Just print and shop!

Hi, I'm Amanda

I'm passionate about helping busy moms like you regain your energy and lose the weight and keep it off without deprivation or counting calories.

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Challenge Details

5-Day Meal Plan designed to balance your blood sugar, give you steady energy and squash those sugar cravings.


Shopping List and Prep Guide

Daily Mini Challenges 


Daily Tips & Strategies to help you during and after the challenge

You have nothing to lose...
except your sugar cravings.
And maybe even a few pounds!
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Are You Up For The Challenge?

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