doesn't stand a chance

against you, Mama


I get it.  You’re already juggling more than you can handle.


You don’t have hours to spend in the kitchen as a short order cook. 


You definitely don’t have time to sift through conflicting nutrition advice on the internet. 


You certainly don’t have time for anything complicated.


You’re a doer looking for an efficient, effective solution.


I got you.

I’m Amanda and I help high-achieving moms take action and conquer prediabetes.

If you’re like me you’ve got a handful of type 2 diabetics in your family history and a serious sugar addiction.   (I’m talking serious love of sugar here.  Dating back to my earliest memories kinda love.)


Diabetes comes with a lot of scary complications.  Don’t spend another second lying awake at night worrying about what-ifs.


As a mom myself I know how important it is for you to be alive and well for as long as possible.  You don’t want to miss a single important moment in your child’s life.


And you don’t have to.



You’ve probably tried to kick the sugar habit time and time again with no luck.  So many times you’ve tried to maintain your willpower, clenching every muscle in your body as your kids enjoy their cookies, ice cream, and candy...right in front of you.


Sugar is like a toddler who wants to follow you around, including into the bathroom, and gives you zero personal space.


You just can’t shake it.


Cravings are real.

The truth’s not you...IT’S THE SUGAR.


Despite what you’ve been told, your genetics aren’t the end all be all. 


Say what???


When your doc told you that you were prediabetic you might have thought it was never a question of IF, but WHEN.  You probably thought it was inevitable, right alongside the increasing wrinkles around the eyes.  


I certainly did.  I expected to be diagnosed with all of the same conditions from my family tree along with the complementing an enormous pillbox for example. 


It wasn’t until I learned that having the gene...and turning the gene on...were two different things. 


Wait.  What?  I don’t have to become a type 2 diabetic injecting insulin?


Not on my watch.


Your doctor may have given you the standard advice of “eat less and exercise more”.  Because that’s so helpful, right?  I guess that’s why the diabetes epidemic in the US is on the rise.  [insert eye roll]


The conventional advice has been proven not to work for decades.  There is so much more to the story.


When I really started making a concerted effort to reduce my sugar intake it was jaw-dropping shocking to learn how much sugar I was still eating.  I was unintentionally sugared up from morning until night. 


Even my morning cup of coffee. [GASP] Is nothing sacred?


This perpetuated my cravings and binging at night.  I couldn’t possibly white knuckle my way through more than a day without going off the rails.


It was frustrating.


But then...I found answers.


Now, don’t misunderstand.  My health journey didn’t exactly start with ditching sugar, but when I did, the clouds parted.  [Read: FREEDOM]


I learned how to stop feeling like a prisoner to my sugar habit once and for all.  Amazingly enough, this also allowed me to maintain a healthy weight effortlessly.


You don’t have to spend one more second trying to figure it all out because I’m here to share everything I’ve learned with you.  I’ve made it my mission to help mamas, just like you, get the same freedom.


Using my 3-step approach we heal your body from the inside out so you can conquer prediabetes and maintain your weight effortlessly

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Ready to take action and kick your prediabetes to the curb?