30-Day reset
Group Program

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Program Begins January 10th

What is the 30-Day Reset?

Do you ever feel stuck in a cycle of bad habits? You tell yourself that TODAY is the day. The day you will eat well, the day you will get on the treadmill, the day you will finally get enough sleep.

But then work was stressful and your commute home was a nightmare and do the kids EVER stop fighting?! And POOF!—that fast-food restaurant on the way home looks more and more like a savior and maybe tomorrow is the day to start instead.

I get it. I've been there. It can be difficult to implement new habits and behaviors into your busy life.  'Knowing' and 'doing' are two very different actions. Sometimes you just wish there was a "reset" button.

While the 30-Day Reset is no magic button, it is an opportunity to build an arsenal of tools to help you combat the everyday stressors that derail your good intentions and keep you stuck in the same old cycles. 

We'll start by eliminating groups of foods*, with a goal of reducing inflammation and learning how specific foods impact your digestion, blood sugar, hormones, sleep and many other areas of life. You'll be amazed at how good you can feel during this process.

We'll meet weekly to add additional tools to your arsenal and discuss what works for you, and what doesn't (because each body is different!) You'll talk with other women who have the same challenges as you, and maybe find your tribe!

Our goal is to have you feeling better about the food you put in your body, and feeling empowered to move forward armed with the tools to make good choices for your mind and body in every season of life. 

*Foods eliminated during the Reset: gluten, refined sugars and grains, alcohol, soy, legumes, unhealthy fats and oils. Foods that will be partially eliminated or limited: whole grains, dairy, fruit

Is ThE 30-Day Reset
For You?

Are you tired of worrying about what's on
your plate?


Do you often feel tired, sluggish or experience
unexpected changes in your mood?

Do you feel like preparing meals at home is impossible?


Do you experience brain fog, trouble concentrating, or trouble sleeping?


Are you fed up with trying to burn off your food choices?

Are you frustrated by your lack of willpower?

IT'S time to press reset!

The 30-Day Reset

  • Six week online program

  • Five 1-hour small-group coaching sessions covering topics in nutrition, lifestyle and mindset

  • 100-page book including program topics, as well as food journal, meal planning templates, habit tracker and recipes

  • Access to a private Facebook group for additional accountability and motivation

  • Additional support between calls via Facebook

  • Includes a complimentary
    1:1 coaching session after program ends


What Will I Learn?

Preparing Healthy Food_edited.jpg
  • how to shop and prepare whole foods 

  • pinpoint foods that negatively impact your health

  • identify trigger foods

  • what foods will keep you fuller, longer

  • how to read food labels and find hidden sugar

Woman Sleeping
  • how lifestyle factors impact your health report card

  • resources and strategies to optimize lifestyle factors

  • strategies for stress management

  • improve your sleep quality

  • reduce the toxic burden on your body

Love Yourself
  • ​get clear on your goals

  • listen to and trust your body's feedback

  • ditch the diet dogma

  • get to know yourself better so you can form lasting habits 

  • quiet the nagging voice in your head

Because changing your life isn't JUST about changing your food, each coaching session will include topics in Nutrition, Lifestyle and Mindset. Example topics include:


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