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 coaching services

Everyone has their own unique story, challenges, and health concerns.  Which is why the length and pace of my programs are individualized to YOU.  We meet virtually, via phone or video.  There is no rushing to an appointment, fighting traffic, etc.  We can even meet on your lunch break!

I've found that following the framework outlined below gets results for my clients.  When your program is complete, you feel totally transformed.   I'd love to walk you through the details of my approach. 

Ditch the
Diet Dogma


& Flourish

If you're ready to learn more, schedule your free Strategy Session to learn more and see if this is the right program for you.

One-on-One Coaching Services

Strategy Session (2).png

Strategy Session

Schedule a free strategy session to discuss your health challenges, goals, and determine if nutrition coaching is right for you.


21-Day Sugar Detox
One-on-One Program

Bust Your Sugar Cravings

in Only 3 Weeks

Includes five full weeks of coaching.


Diet Analysis

A thorough analysis of your current dietary intake and an in-depth review of lifestyle factors to optimize your health and help you achieve your health goals.

Modern Kitchen

Kitchen Clean-Out

Set yourself up for success! 

Creating new habits is much easier when you remove the foods that no longer serve you.  You'll learn to read labels and no longer be tricked by marketing hype and trickery.

Grocery Store .webp

Guided Grocery Store Tour

The grocery store can be overwhelming when you are learning to make different choices. Let's take a trip to your local grocery store together!

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